4th International Conference on Physics of Two-Dimensional Crystals

4th International Conference on Physics of Two-Dimensional Crystals


The Fourth International conference on the Physics of Two-Dimensional Crystals was organised in Hangzhou from June 10 to June 15, 2019. The conference has been devoted to the progress in the rapidly developing area of physics and material science: the physics of two-dimensional structures and materials. Keynote talks were given by Prof. Y. Arakawa (Tokyo university, Japan), Prof. M. Potemski (Center for Atomic Energy, Grenoble, France), Prof. A. Kavokin (Westlake University, China) and others. The conference was attended by 86 delegates from 17 countries. Amont the most strinking results reported were the first observation of charged polarons in transition metal dichalcogenide crystals by Prof. Atac Imamoglu (Zurich, Switzerland), the first experimental evidence for propagating excitons in dielectric crystals by Prof. Alexey Chernikov (Regensburg, Germany), the first observation of excitons in monoatomic carbon chains by Prof. Alexey Kavokin (Westlake university, China). The Program committee of the conference has decided to organise the next International conference on Physics of Two-Dimensional Crystals in Minsk (Belorus) in June 2020. Prof. Christian Schneider (Wuerzburg, Germany) will serve as the Program chairman of the next year conference.

       第四届国际二维晶体物理国际会议于2019年6月10日至6月15日在杭州召开。会议致力于物理学和材料科学快速发展的领域:二维结构和材料物理学。主题报告的演讲人是来自日本东京大学的Yasuhiko Arakawa教授、来自的法国格勒诺布尔原子能中心的Marek Potemski教授、来自中国西湖大学的Alexey Kavokin教授。来自17个国家的86名代表出席了会议。最令人惊叹的科研成果是来自瑞士苏黎世的Atac Imamoglu教授,他首次观察过渡金属二氯化铝晶体中的带电极化子;来自德国雷根斯堡的Alexey Chernikov教授,首次在介电晶体中传播激子的实验证据;来自中国西湖大学的Alexey Kavokin教授首次观察到单原子碳链中的激子。会议的项目委员会决定于2020年6月在白俄罗斯的明斯克组织下一次二维晶体物理国际会议。来自德国乌尔茨堡的Christian Schneider教授将担任明年会议的项目主席。

Conference Venue: Zhejiang Hotel


Excursion: Meijiawu Tea Village


Excursion: West Lake


Excursion: China National Tea Museum


Conference Dinner: Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse


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