Dr. Sevak Demirchyan


Scientific area: Dr. Demirchyan started his researcher career with the studies of light-matter interactions in semiconductor microcavities. With co-authors he have proposed a physical mechanism for maintaining long-lived Rabi oscillation in exciton-polariton system and predicted the undamped oscillations in the presence of polariton interactions and the many-body mechanisms of the exciton relaxation. A significant part of the research of Dr. Demirchyan was devoted to the study of the quantum noise in semiconductor microcavities with embedded quantum wells with taking into account the nonlinear interaction between excitons. His current research activities are related to monoatomic linear carbon chains. Dr. Demirchyan is working closely with the experimental results. He develops a theoretical basis and provides a qualitative and a quantitative explanation of the experiment using different tools as the variational method, perturbation method, the numerical simulations and etc


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