Precise spectrophotometer Lambda 1050

PerkinElmer LAMBDA 1050+ UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers are designed to offer the highest performance and flexibility to analyze a wide range of sample types, including analysis of coatings, high performance glass, solar, and advanced materials and components in both research and manufacturing.

SZ100 laser particle size analyzer

The SZ-100 nanopartica series instruments are flexible analytical tools for characterizing the physical properties of small particles. Depending on the configuration and application the system can be used as a particle size analyzer, or also used to measure zeta potential, molecular weight, (MW) and second virial coefficient (A2).

Scanning interferometer Surfiew 4000

GLtech's non-contact three-dimensional profilometers, based on white light interferometry, allow you to easily, quickly and accurately measure the height and shape of a surface from 1 nm to 10 mm with a height resolution of 0.1 nm.


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